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WheelieSafe bins trolleys from Spacepac Industries move multiple wheelie bins simultaneously

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WheelieSafe wheelie bin handling systems available from Spacepac Industries are designed to move multiple wheelie bins simultaneously in commercial and industrial applications.  

Comprising of a specialised trolley and two brackets, WheelieSafe bins trolleys bring several advantages to the workplace including increased safety, higher productivity and easy bin handling.  

Makes wheelie bin handling safer at the workplace

While wheelie bins are a necessity for most commercial and industrial sites, they are also potentially hazardous from an OH&S perspective, especially when the bins are overloaded.

The SPO-WheelieSafe wheelie bin handling system helps prevent workplace injuries through greater leverage, failsafe braking and added stability. The innovative trolley design also eliminates the need for direct bin contact, reducing hygiene concerns.

Improves workplace productivity

Substantial wastes generated at industrial workplaces can result in multiple trips to deliver and retrieve wheelie bins. WheelieSafe bins trolleys can carry up to four wheelie bins simultaneously, decreasing the number of trips and increasing workplace productivity.

High safety and ease of use

WheelieSafe bins trolleys are easily operated with simple loading and unloading functions. The wheelie bins can be handled side by side or in piggyback formation if access is restricted by narrow gates and doorways.

Loading heavy wheelie bins is almost effortless thanks to the trolley system's considerable leverage, reducing risk of injury.

Key features of WheelieSafe bins trolleys:

  • Powerful failsafe braking system ensures control is never lost
  • Longer hitch makes steering safe and easy
  • Trolley brake also helps in negotiating steps and ramps
  • Pneumatic tyres greatly reduce noise and facilitate easy movement across rough terrain or soft surfaces
  • Trolley’s wide track ensures stability
  • Can lift any size bin from 120L up to 240L from any side
  • Lifts 2 bins at once side by side or in piggyback fashion
  • Lifts 3 bins with two bins side-by-side and a third piggyback using the bracket
  • Lifts 4 bins using a bracket on the front lip of each of the two original bins


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