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Wheelie Bin Electric Movers from Spacepac Industries

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Spacepac Industries  supplies a range of wheelie bin electric movers designed to fit into most standard wheeled bins.  

The electric wheelie bin movers feature a simple and very effective attachment design that picks up the bin and drives it around without tipping over.  

The wheelie bin electric movers allow users to maintain a very upright posture when driving the bin around minus the back strain.  

An ergonomic stainless steel handle allows for easy turning while the bin can pivot on its own axis.    

The wheelie bin electric movers have a compact design and can be adjusted to accept most bin types. The bin movers lock into the bins easily for safe operation.  

Electric wheelie bin movers can move loads up to 125kg.  

The driving speed of the bin movers is equivalent to normal walking pace and the bin mover can be stopped by simply releasing the handle.  

The battery pack on the bin mover allows a full day’s use and is charged overnight.  

The electric bin movers can be detached easily from the bins. Idler wheels allow stability when the bin mover is not being used.    

Key features of wheelie bin electric movers: 

  • High quality 190W DC hub style drive motor
  • Hospital-grade polyurethane tyre
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Moves loads up to 125kg
  • Ergonomic stainless steel control handle
  • Very small turning circle for manoeuvring in space-restricted areas
  • Compact design fits under most equipment
  • Variable speed forward/reverse operation
  • Thermal and over-current protected speed controller
  • Easy-to-use overnight charging system
  • Optional tamper-proof security features

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