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The award winning Underground Water Storage Tanks from Spacepac Industries are a new generation of underground storage tanks, referred to as the Donut (3,000L) and the Bagel (5,000L).

All Spacepac water tanks comply with Australian design and storage standards. Designed to exceed the requirements of AS1546.1 (structure requirements), both the Donut and the Bagel have been F.E.A tested to a specific gravity of 2.1, a vertical load of 5kN. The products achieved a buckle load factor greater than 1, together with vacuum and pressure testing to 35kPa.

Features of the Donut and Bagel underground tanks:

  •   Exceeds Australian standard requirements.
  •    Winner of the 2005 Green Plumbers product of the year (Donut)
  •     Unique shape and patented rib design offers extra strength under immense pressure.
  •    Self cleaning 100mm in-line filters
  •     Can be interconnected to achieve 6,000L, 8,000L and 10,000L volume.

All underground tanks can be fitted with the Aquasource Remote mains water bypass system and a submersible pump for the automatic use of the harvested rainwater for flushing toilets and sprinkling gardens.

 If there is no rainwater available in the tank or in the event of power failure, the Aquasource automatically switches to mains water so a water supply is always connected. These underground storage tanks are ideal for retention / detention or buffering of storm water, as generally required by local government authorities and then re-use of that water.

Benefits of the underground water tanks:

  •  Can be fitted for the automatic use of the harvested rainwater for flushing toilets and sprinkling gardens.
  •  Ideal for retention/detention or buffering of storm water.
  • Excavation is kept to a minimum with a maximum height of 1.3m
  • Shallow slit trenching minimises the need for heavy equipment.
  • Shallow excavation reduces the chances of hitting rock.

Specifications of the underground water tanks:
  • Donut tank: 3000
  • Bagel tank:  5000 L
  • Maximum height: 1.3m
  •  7 year warranty.

For Australian water tanks rebate programs, contact your city’s water saving rebate website or office.

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