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Tilt Tray from Spacepac Industries

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The Tilt Tray, available from Spacepac Industries  is the number one feature of this wheelie bin trolley that makes loading heavy bins quick and accessible. To take the strain away from hauling bins up a ramp and onto the trolley, the Tilt Tray wheelie bin trolley was designed with a tilting base tray. Because the tray is tilted at ground level, this enables bins to slide into position with as much effort as moving the bins manually. Once the bins are in position it is a simple matter of tilting them forward into the locked position.

The alternative to the side-load Tilt Tray is the front-load access ramp that involves pushing bins forward up the ramp and requires the user to walk on the trolley itself increasing the chance of trolley instability, especially with heavier bins. These trolleys also do not secure individual bins which means travelling with less than a full load of bins may be unnecessarily risky. The Tilt Tray Trolley, however, locks single bins in position and does not require one to ever step on the trolley itself. It’s fast and reliable and can easily be hand or vehicle towed.

Typical users of the Tilt Tray wheelie bin trolley:

  • Councils
  • Shopping centers
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals

Specifications of the Tilt Tray wheelie bin trolley:

  • Capacity: 4 bins
  • Fits standard sized council rubbish, recycling and green bins
  • Tilting load trays

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