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The Electrodrive Tug from Spacepac

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The Electrodrive Tug from Spacepac industries  is designed to eliminate the difficult work of moving heavy wheeled objects over long distances, up ramps, or over carpets, reducing the work load of three or four people down to one. It is the solution to moving equipment such as large wheeled bins, heavy loaded trolleys, or any wheeled object. Compact and detachable, it is capable of towing loads of up to 5000kg with heavier version available.  

Built for safety and efficiency, this towing unit is highly capable of providing manoeuvrability indoors, operating within tight quarters, across rugged terrain and open spaces. Built for power and control, the Electrodrive Tug can move 5 tonnes.  

The Electrodrive Tug can serve many applications: 

  • Moving an assembly of trolleys through airports, factories, or institutions 
  • Moving specialist equipment 
  • Moving large wheeled bins 
  • Moving trailers 
  • Moving beds and wheelchairs  
The Electrodrive Tug’s quiet electric motor means it produces no emissions and is suitable indoors. Its power ranges from 1 to 5 tonnes making it useful for large outdoor operations.  

The Electrodrive Tug provides: 

  • Power and manoeuvrability 
  • Safety and efficiency 
  • Reduced physical effort 
  • Reduced labour cost  
Specifications of the Electrodrive Tug: 
  • Capacity: 1, 2, 3 and 5 tonne models available 
  • Electric battery-powered motor 
  • Forward, reverse and park controls with variable speed 
  • Emergency brake release

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