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Storage cabinets promote OH&S

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SPACEPAC Industries Pty Ltd has a diverse range of storage cabinets that provide a safe and secure method for storing all types of dangerous chemicals, which help to maintain good housekeeping practices.

Spacepac’s safety systems flammable liquids storage cabinets exceed the stringent AS1940 criteria, which specify a maximum capacity of 250ml for flammable liquids cabinets. All cabinets are supplied complete with signage as specified in the respective standards, including the class of goods stored and the maximum capacity of the cabinet.

Features include self-closing doors, double walled construction, multi-point latching, liquid tight sump and over capping lips on all surfaces to prevent ingress of heat. The closure rate of the doors on all models is adjustable, and instructions are printed on the inside of the door. These flammable liquids storage cabinets come in capacity of 30L, 60L, 100L, 160L, and 250L. In addition, extra shelves can be added. Some of the models are specially designed to fit underneath a standard laboratory bench top.

Spacepac’s toxic substance storage cabinets range complies with the Australian Standard, "The Storage & Handling of Toxic Substances" AS/NZS 4452:1997.

These safety cabinets are available with similar features and capacity as the flammable liquids storage cabinets. Furthermore, the toxic substance storage cabinets are white in colour and each has a 'Toxic 6' label on the door for easy identification.

Cabinets for corrosive substances are manufactured to AS3780 and incorporate features like self closing door, 150mm deep liquid tight sump, sump capable of containing 25% of storage capacity. These cabinets are designed for the safe storage of corrosives in sealed and closed containers.

Cabinets manufactured to AS2714 for Organic Peroxides have self closing but non-latching doors which release in the event of a build-up of pressure within the cabinet. They have sumps capable of containing the entire contents of the cabinet.

Other features are as per flammable liquid cabinet. Available sizes for metal organic peroxides storage cabinets are 25L and 100L. Metal oxidising agents storage cabinets are available in 30L, 60L and 250L capacities.

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