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Spacepac Industries supplies Freetrack Manual Mobile Shelving

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Freetrack Manual mobile Shelving from Spacepac Industries provides high capacity in-office storage together with speed of access.

You can tailor a system to suit your available space by simply cutting the tracks to the required length. The Mobile Shelving from Spacepac maximises your storage area without having to compensate with unsystematic piling.

There is no requirement for timber infill or floor fixing. Freetrack Mobile Shelving is easy and cost effective to install, relocate or reconfigure.

Maximum shelving system depths is 2400mm. Bay heights can be 1875mm, 2175mm or 2400mm while width may vary between 750mm and 1200mm. Each bay carries up to 500kg of load.


Light weight runners:

By using “light weight” runners, Freetrack Mobile Shelving does not require a heavy base, thereby reducing operator strain. This also means there is less load imposed on the floor.

Unique tracks:

“Low profile” tracks reduce trip hazards and provide trolley and wheelchair access. Tracks can be spliced allowing for extension using existing components.


In-built anti-tilt mechanism means tracks do not require fixing to floor surfaces and units do not require overhead stabilisers.

Multimedia compactus:

Clever use of standard components allows a tailored multimedia solution to be created. The 130mm deep shelf is perfect for DVDs, CDs and videos.


  • Finishing panels - Add on frame finishing panels, rear covers and top extrusions provide a clean smart finish
  • Binning dividers - Create pigeon holes with bright silver binning dividers
  • Bin front / back stops - Bin front/back stops bolted to front or rear face of shelf to secure items
  • Files and labels - A complete range of files, labels and fasteners are available
  • Suspension filing drawer - Suspension filing drawer is designed to suit drop-in suspension files
  • Pull-out reference shelf - Pull-out reference shelves provide an instant work top
  • Suspended filing rack - Suspended filing rack simply slips in support files and promotes longer lateral file life
  • Suspended divider/ lateral pockets - Unique shelf design for suspended dividers and lateral pockets
  • Shelf divider - Slotted shelf secures shelf dividers
  • Shelf bins - Create ‘drawer like’ access or small parts storage
  • Lockable swing doors - Door kits to secure contents of shelving.

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