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Spacepac Industries launches indoor convex mirrors

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Understanding the importance of safety, security and surveillance, Spacepac Industries is making available the indoor convex mirrors.

Valuable goods shielded from view by partitions and shelving becomes an easy target. Convex mirrors help to stop thief and prevent vandalism. Convex mirrors presence alone is a powerful deterrent.

Your field of vision is extended to a much boarder area. More importantly, you are in control.

At blind corners and corridors intersections, in hospitals, schools, factories and offices, wherever busy people come and go, there is a risk to collision and injury. Convex mirrors help prevent accidents. They let you see around corners and over obstacles. You check the way is clear and proceed with confidence.

Indoor convex mirrors are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to install.

As an aid to safety or as a security device, a convex mirror will protect property and people effectively and economically.

With impact resistant and long life acrylic face, indoor convex mirrors can be fixed in minutes. Easy adjustment at any time coupled with no maintenance required, it is a single outlay for long term benefit.

Premium indoor mirror:

Strong, wide-angle mirror with impact-resistance acrylic face and water proof back. The 3 pivot bracket system is ideally suited for roll door and lay flat applications which was previously difficult to achieve. Security caps cover fittings. Premium indoor mirrors are supplied with fixing for masonry and 60mm post. Ranging from 300mm to 800mm diameter, the wider mirrors are able to capture objects from a distance of 25m.

Standard indoor mirror:

A robust, lightweight mirror with acrylic face fully covered back and two pivot brackets is the obvious choice for retail, commercial and light industrial applications. Easy to install and adjust with non-slip joints. Ranging from 300mm to 760mm diameter, standard indoor mirrors present a view from 6-12m.

Economy indoor mirror:

A lightweight indoor mirror ideally designed for commercial, retail and institutional use. Two pivots and sliding bracket design combine functionality with low cost.

For safety, security and surveillance, it is worth considering Spacepac Industries’ indoor convex mirrors for all environments.

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