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Spacepac Industries introduces next generation electric utility vehicle ET3000

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The introduction of electric utility vehicles has made everyday transportation more efficient. The fleet of electric utility vehicles including Electruck, ET3000 and Maintenance Expeditor and TaylorTruck provides a reliable solution for all your transportation needs.

The electric vehicle ET3000 available from Spacepac Industries is the next generation electric utility vehicle that competes with gasoline vehicles performance in outdoor applications.

This utility vehicle operates at 30.5 kph and can carries loads up to 1,363 kg. Specially designed to meet rugged outdoor applications, ET3000 is equipped with a 48 volt drive train that travels up to 48 km in a single charge.

GT drive system from Spacepac provides hill climbing ability and acceleration while carrying heavy cargo during daily applications. ET3000 electric utility vehicle standard features include steel cab and doors, load range E tires, durable frame design, four wheel hydraulic brakes and motor design that ensures reliability and low maintenance cost.

With performance that exceeds gasoline vehicles, and inherent cost benefits of electric vehicles, ET3000 is the most cost effective solution to your utility needs.

With products supported by a worldwide distribution system and trained sales staff, Spacepac can design an electric vehicle that meets your specific needs.

Features of electric vehicle ET3000:

  • Type: Electric
  • Speed: 30.5 kph
  • Range: 48 km
  • Load capacity: 1,363 kg
  • Towing capacity: 4,545 kg
  • Passenger capacity: 2
  • Bed size: 104W x 190L cm
  • Voltage: 48 volt
  • Turning radius: 368 cm.

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