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Spacepac Industries introduces new wine storage rack

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New wine storage rack introduced by Spacepac Industries. The wine storage racks are made from galvanised frame and mesh. To enhance the racks’ elegant image and blend into the user’s interior design, the user has the option to add a powder coat finish or even custom make the size of the rack.
A single rack can store between 200 – 216 bottles of 750ml wine and/ or champagne. Each single wine storage rack is 177mm in depth, they come complete with wall/ floor connecting hardware for masonry, hollow or timber walls. Together with the floor retention feet, the frames are screwed or bolted to your wall/ floor to ensure stability. Put together by galvanised mesh of 100mm x 100mm, which in turn is made from 5mm thick wire. The racks’ silicone-bronze welded frame prevents rusting. Racks are spaced 70mm from wall and 30mm from floor. All storage racks store bottles on a slight angle so the corks stay moist.  As an added feature to space efficiency, the user can safely use the top of the rack for carton storages. Besides the standard size, custom sizes are available. The maximum custom frame dimension would be 2135mm x 1271mm (240 bottles), paced horizontally or vertically.
For larger storage needs, Spacepac suggests a back to back rack. Single racks are amalgamated but separated by a spacer, hence keeping the racks approximately 143mm apart. This back to back wine storage rack provides the flexibility for the user to select wine from either side of the rack at a very comfortable height.

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