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Spacepac Industries introduces mopping equipment

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Spacepac Industries  has introduced the WaveBreak mop bucket and wringer system.

This mopping equipment reduces splashing, which means a safer environment, cleaner floors, and improved productivity.

Unique features of the WaveBreak mopping system:

  • High efficiency wringer for 28qt and 35qt WaveBrake buckets
  • Lasts 58 times longer than comparative wringers
  • Tested to exceed 50,000 wringing cycles, average wringers perform approximately 860 cycles
  • Premium tubular steel and structural web moulded plastic
  • 18% more efficient side press wringer
  • Mop clip secure mop transportation
  • Structural web plastic construction for durability
  • Easy lift handle
  • Graduated marks for measuring fluid
  • Non-rust castors
  • Optional dirty water bucket

Traditionally, wringers release dirty water directly back in to the bucket’s primary cleaning water. The WaveBreak mopping system has a dirty water bucket which nests below the WaveBreak wringer to collect the dirty water and keep in separate from the cleaning solution.

Optional dirty water bucket separates dirty water from clean water. It preserves the quality and cleaning power of the cleaning solution.

Isolate dirty water reduce risk of cross-contamination and helps to produce cleaner, less slippery floor. It is also divides liquid weight, less lifting power needed when emptying buckets.

The bucket shape with moulded-in wavebreaks inhibits wave formation, virtually eliminating splashing under typical usage.

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