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Spacepac Industries introduces H-series multi-purpose manual lifter

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article image H-series multi-purpose manual lifter with platform

Spacepac Industries is introducing a heavy duty multi-purpose manual lifter as an ideal alternative to the fork lift truck. The lifter is able to elevate pallets, crates, boxes, cartons, and other odd shape objects. As such, the lifter is a cost and space efficient lifter to replace one’s bulky fork lift truck.

The H-series lifter is capable of performing various lifting operations simply by exchanging attachments. The H-series lifter is rated for 350 kg at a 350mm load centre and uses a single section, DuraGal mast for maximum visibility and durability.

With an overall dimension of 2025H x 1000L x 680W mm, the H-series lifter has an approximate base width of 525mm (inside) to 680mm (outside) and 100mm high. The base unit weight is only 54kg.

The multi-purpose lifter has maximum lift height ranges from 1500 to 2980mm, depending on option fitted.

The MultiLift can be manufactured with almost any base configuration, together with various mast height options. Standard attachments include fixed forks, adjustable forks, slip-on-platform or a three position jib.

Fixed forks
The blade (600L x 75W x 75H mm) is able to raise load to 1580mm or lower to 100mm. With a wider loading platform, the outside width of the blades is 650mm, while the inside width is 500mm, allowing one to carry bigger load to destination. The fixed forks weigh 15kg.

Adjustable forks
The blade (600L x 75W x 20H mm) is able to raise the load to 1500mm or lower to 20mm. With a more flexible loading platform, the outside width of the blades is 156-650mm, while the inside width can be 6-500mm, allowing user to carry various size loads to the designated level. The adjustable forks weigh 34kg.

Slip on platform
Suitable for both fixed and adjustable forks, the slip on platform is an ideal complement to the forks. The platform measures 700L x 700W x 3H mm and weighs only 14kg. Such a platform attachment offers more protection to the load, eliminating worries of an insecure loading base.

Crane jib
For users with odd shape loads or objects with uneven bases, Spacepac Industries suggests the attachment of a crane jib. The crane jib weighing 9kg raises and lowers load to 2100m and 630mm, respectively. Together with the crane jib, the lifter is able to handle up to 350kg of load at 350mm.

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