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Spacepac Industries introduce eclipse powered systems for high capacity storage

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Spacepac Industries  have introduced eclipse powered systems, the high-density mobile storage solutions. These systems offer high capacity storage with a range of intelligent features and options.

With its flexible configuration, the eclipse powered systems can be custom built with features and options on a need basis. The modular design allows the system to be reconfigured easily for future upgrades. These systems are suitable for bulk storage of documents or items that are accessed frequently or in cases where long-term security is a priority.

The eclipse powered systems are available in customised end panels and the customers can choose from a range of colours, finishes and materials. On request, Spacepac Industries will customise the end panels with a look that is in tune with the customer’s environment.

With the panel control feature, the user can open an aisle with the touch of a button. The eclipse powered systems have a user-friendly directional operation. An optional infrared-capable control or an optional touch pad aisle access control is available for flexibility and added security.

The users can ensure safety with a photoelectric sensing system that detects people and objects on the floor of a closing aisle and immediately stops carriage movement.

With the non-contact distance sensors feature, the carriage spacing is programmed easily on infrared distance sensors to improve reliability and protect stored materials.

The auto move interface option enables the eclipse powered mobile systems to perform a selection of automatic movements that increase productivity, add level of security and/or protect the media stored in the system. Each automatic movement can be programmed to initiate after a pre-programmed period of system inactivity, or, with the addition of the optional building interface module with inputs from a fire alarm, security alarm or other user selected input.

The programmable aisle enables users to create multiple aisles within a single module of carriages and increases productivity by providing multiple access aisles. The aisle entry sensor immediately stops carriage movement when a user is detected while entering a closing aisle and reopening the aisle to its full width. The manual reset option at the opened aisles provides protection.

The mechanical sweep feature provides protection for people and objects in open aisles by automatically stopping carriage movement upon contact with an obstacle. The automatic brake in the eclipse powered systems prevents carriage drift caused by excessive floor deflection. A portable battery powered back-up method of operating carriages is available in the event of a power failure. An automatic battery backup system is also available to provide uninterrupted power to mobile systems.

The users can add optional overhead lighting for safety and convenience. The users need to open an aisle for the lights to turn on automatically. For controlled access to stored media, the users can secure one or more aisles with a waist high lock. The eclipse powered systems from Spacepac Industries also feature carriage lock which is mounted near floor level.

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