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article image Durapoly overbank Siphons are made from UV stabilised polyethylene

SPACEPAC Industries Pty Ltd has introduced a solution to irrigation needs with the Durapoly Overbank Siphons. Complemented by a motorised priming unit, this is a convenient portable system that allows the user to put the water where they want it, quickly and easily, without the headache of channel bank leakage, when irrigating.

The product boasts a tough one-piece design, with no joints, hence making it extremely sturdy yet lightweight. The off-set handle allows easy retrieval from water and easy relocation. Furthermore, its bright yellow colour ensures high visibility in paddocks.

The unique bank design ensures good stability over bank. The siphons are installed with 19mm (3/4") brass valve for priming, therefore priming in seconds is no problem. While every other system has the potential to leak, this tough one-piece construction ensures water is directed to destination without leakage.

Available diameters range from 150mm (6") to 300mm (12").

Durapoly Portable Motorised Priming Unit is the ideal method of priming Durapoly's irrigation siphons. The patented Venturi system is the key to siphon priming, and also has a myriad of alternative uses.

This priming unit is very lightweight and portable. The priming unit has an improved design that works with a two stroke or four stroke engine. As such, it has a high performance to prime in seconds. Apart from being reliable and requiring low maintenance, it is also versatile and can be used for many other purposes, such as a transfer pump for chemical or diesel.

Spacepac Industries also supply a Manual Priming Unit for smaller scale irrigation needs. This portable hand pump priming unit not only can prime siphons, it can be used for alternative applications just as effectively. The manual pump works on down-stroke. Made from stainless steel shaft and PVC construction, it has a Teflon seal and 25mm (1") ports.

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