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Solid fibreboard storage boxes from Durabox

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SPACEPAC Industries Pty Ltd is selling a unique range of strong, durable and long lasting solid fibreboard storage box from Durabox.

These storage boxes are made from recycled and recyclable durafibre, a kind of polypropylene that can easily be recycled just like cardboard.

Each box is made from 1.8mm thick solid fibre board, held together by wide steel "strap-staples". It is tough, waterproof and will not tear, rot or splinter under extreme conditions.

The Duraboxes have a track record of 30, 40, 50 years with government, warehouses and military departments and are 20%-30% more dense than ordinary box boards, says Spacepac Industries . Consequently, these boxes are tougher and stronger than ordinary boxes.

The Duraboxes have greater fire resistance, greater moisture and oil resistance, hence a longer usage life. Besides warehouses and military departments, the storage boxes are equally useful for offices, schools, hospitals, libraries and homes, according to Spacepac Industries.

The Duraboxes’ better fire rating quality was proven recently when a heavy-duty blowtorch was dropped on three common materials. On the normal corrugated box, it took only five to 10 seconds for it to burn up and it kept flaming and burning.

In this test, ordinary plastic boxes took a slightly longer time (20 to 30 seconds) before the boxes burst into continuing flames.

When the blowtorch experiment was performed on the durafibre storage boxes, the material took 30 to 45 seconds before it glowed in red, smoked and soon after, died once the torch was removed.

Type of grain and grain direction are features often neglected. Fortunately, specialists who use the best grain to manufacture these boxes make the solid fibreboard storage boxes.

To prevent small parts from sliding underneath to the next compartment, the storage boxes are designed with a security flap on the bottom of dividers.

Standard size fibreboard boxes come in a wide range of widths and lengths from small carton size to large industrial boxes.

Durabox fibreboard storage boxes may have as many as seven dividers or none at all. On a smaller scale, filing boxes suitable for A4 loose sheets and manila folders or filing boxes for pigeonhole/magazine segregator are also available at Spacepac.

These storage boxes have optional lids to protect against dust, humidity, and corrosion. The lids seal the stock from the atmosphere while its natural fibres breathe like leather to retard corrosion and exclude dust.

To assist in easy identification of box contents, self adhesive box front labels can be obtained.

These fibreboard storage boxes are attractive, functional and easy to use, says Spacepac.

The boxes can be flat packed away or be used many times to save costs. Therefore, these boxes are an ideal storage solution, says Spacepac.

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