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Slim Jim Containers available from Spacepac Industries

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Based in Wollongong NSW, Spacepac Industries provide systems throughout NSW and Interstate. They pride themselves in using space and handling material efficiently and economically.

The Slim Jim Container is specially made for use in offices and other locations where space is a constraint. This container is highly durable and is easy to clean, as it is made of plastic. Some models come with handles and can be lifted or moved from one place to another with ease. These containers sport a swing top, which facilitates a very convenient way to dispose trash and also hide waste material from public view.

The Slim Jim Container comes with colour-coded tops to promote waste separation. For instance, the green round-hole tops are made for disposing glass bottles, jars and metal cans and the gray handle tops are made for general refuse. Items that are to be sent for recycling should be put in the container with a blue top and paper waste should go into the dark blue container. The Slim Jim Container from Spacepac Industries comes in a variety of capacities like 87.1 litres, 60 litres and 56.8 litres.


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