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Series 2000 Material Lift from Spacepac Industries

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With the Series 2000 Material Lift, from Spacepac Industries , one person can easily move, lift, and reposition heavy loads – from computer and appliances to steel beams or manufactured parts. Compact and portable, it lifts up to 455 kg (1003 lbs) to a height of 3.2m (10.4 ft).  

Fast, Quiet Lift System

The quiet, high-speed reversible hoist quickly lifts and lowers heavy loads with its superior cable system and mast design. The shorter mast section allows travel through standard doorways and tail gates hassle-free and without tripping.  

Portable, Convenient Design

Mounted on top of base, the fast-action stabilizer legs fold down with ease and lock in place. This means compact storage and loads nicely into vehicles with small storage space. With no tools or loose hardware to worry about, this durable, corrosion-resistant unit is easy for one person to use and maneuver.  

Reversible Fork Lifts

An added function of the lifts are the reversible forks. With a quick pull of the plunger pins, forks can be repositioned for added height or to position load flush with the ceiling. The Series 2000 Material Lifts are equipped with a loading bar for transport by an overhead crane. The lifts can be easily transferred between floors or onto open bed trucks.

Options and Accessories:

  • Fork extensions – forks can be extended for longer reach
  • Boom carriage – ideal for installing pips or lifting “from the top” applications 
  • Pipe cradle – great for duct pipe or other PVC applications  
Series 2000 Material Lift Specifications (depending on model): 
  • Lift capacity: 300 kg to 455kg 
  • Lift height (reversed forks): 3.2m to 7.5m 
  • Lift height (standard fork position: 2.6m to 6.9m

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