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Safe Ice Handling Systems from Spacepac Industries

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Spacepac Industries  supplies safe ice handling systems designed to improve productivity, promote safe handling of ice, reduce risk of cross-contamination and improve employee safety.

Spacepac’s ice handling systems are available in various sizes and features to suit diverse industrial or commercial needs.

Ice scoops with hand guard

This ice handling system features a 2.1kg scoop with hand guard, holder and angle handle. The ice cavity extends under the handle to shield and protect the hand from ice contact.

The scoop with hand guard features an angled handle positioned over the 74-ounce ice cavity, which relieves wrist strain and protects the hand from contacting ice to reduce risk of cross-contamination.

Dimensions: 30.4cm L x 17cm W x 19.6cm H

Two-handled ice shovels  

These 3.4kg ice handling systems feature a two-handled shovel with high sides. The rear handle provides leverage when lifting and the reinforced leading edge increases durability.  

Dimensions: 74.6cm L x 22.3cm W x 17.5cm H  

Ice totes  

Ice totes feature a bin hook adapter with an angled top surface that prevents spills when filling and acts as a pour spout. The ice bin adapter keeps the weight elevated off the floor to reduce the risk of back injury to the worker.  

These ice handling systems fit into commercial dishwashers and are non-nesting in design for safe storage. A rear hang hook allows the tote to be hung upside down to dry.  

Dimensions: 26.6cm L x 33.7cm W x 45.3cm H  

Ice carts  

Ice carts are designed to carry two or four ice totes for safe and secure transport throughout the food service operation. Durable metal components in the ice handling systems can withstand commercial kitchen usage.  

Dimensions: 57cm L x 14.5cm W x 99.4cm H

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