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Rubbermaid mopping and sweeping tools from Spacepac Industries

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Spacepac Industries  provides a range of Rubbermaid mopping and sweeping tools for better productivity and efficiency.

Manual carpet sweepers

  • A complete line of commercial sweepers for almost any floor surface
  • Suitable for food service applications
  • Low profile for easy maneuverability and cleaning under furniture
  • Clear tinted window tells you when the sweeper needs emptying
  • Two debris canisters with one-touch emptying doors
  • Four natural boar bristle corner brushes for fine cleaning
  • Soft rubber wheels conform to carpet, vinyl, tile, wood, and more
  • 18.75cm sweep path

Lobby pro upright dust pans

  • Stylish pan design
  • Durable rear wheels improve wear resistance
  • Self opening and closing lid conceals unsightly dirt and debris
  • Adjustable handle grip enhances user comfort
  • Optional hanger bracket allows for easy pan and broom transport and storage
  • Bracket and brooms sold separately

Lobby pro wet/dry spill pan

  • Quick, safe ad easy cleanup of wet or dry spills
  • 116cm cleaning wand handle allows wide area cleaning without bending
  • Soft, natural 34cm double moss blade conforms to uneven surface, leaves floor virtually dry to the touch
  • Yoke attaches outside pan to help keep hinges free of debris
  • Indented footrest lets worker hold pan in place and use two hands while cleaning
  • Recessed area contains up to 2 L of liquid
  • Smooth interior surface for easy cleaning and reduced dirt build up

Quick - connect loop ends wet mops

  • Economical, quick-connect wet mop for general cleaning
  • Quick-connect mechanism provides efficient attachment of head to handle, improving productivity and reducing hygiene risks
  • Light weight mop heads (and handles) help alleviate the physical demands of cleaning
  • Mop heads are launderable for multiple uses
  • Tailband provides a wider cleaning area, saving time and money
  • Colour code system prevents cross-contamination
  • Blended yarn provides high cleaning performance, durability and absorbency

Double pails

  • An easy-to-use cleaning system
  • Double pail for separation of cleaning solution and rinse water

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