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Range of exclusive multi-chambers balers and compactors from Spacepac

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With the range of exclusive multi-chambers balers and compactors, waste management can be efficiently done at the source location.

To assist in sorting paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic foils, containers, aluminium and steel products, Spacepac Industries is offering the 9020 Baler. Besides the dry waste, this waste recycling equipment can handle semi-dry waste like bagged general waste and wet juice boxes, tetra paks.

9020 Baler is a top loading and a real heavy weight waste management partner to have, an extendible system for companies with large amounts of packaging materials, recyclables etc. built on an innovative design, the baler guarantees high performance with superior technical abilities.

The top-loading 9020 balers have a proven track record within the Australian manufacturing industry since 1992 and meet with all relevant OH&S regulations.

The waste management 9020 baler simply and easily extends with extra chambers when needs increase. The press head is extremely easily manoeuvred sideways over the appropriate chamber and this multi-chambers system allows waste to be segregated as per requirements.

With a pressing force of 20 ton, the 9020 Baler is able to compact bales up to 300kg of plastics or 200kg of cardboard. Pressing force can be regulated individually for each chamber, according to the material while each chamber has a built-in patented automatic bale ejection system.

The top loading aperture is 1100W x 700D mm, giving ample room for easy dumping. Each cycle time is 35 sec to generate waste material into high density bales of size 1100W x 700D x 800H mm.

These high density bales can be shifted and stacked neatly, providing users with a space efficient solution. Besides offering savings on waste collection and keeping premises tidy, the compactor ensures compliance to legal obligations in waste management.

Spacepac Industries commented that the compactor is featured with a torque bar to prevent accidents and break downs due to uneven loading. In addition, the compactor’s tamperproof safety design locks the front door mechanically during operation. Lower ram force on bins can be programmed for different materials. The 9020 baler has a state-of-the-art control board with automatic indication of full bale. Operators are well protected with a two-step opening of the door as personal safety is always the priority of Spacepac Industries.

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