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Quick connect wet mops from Spacepac Industries

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article image Easy detachable quick connect handle and loop ends wet mop

Spacepac Industries  recommends the Loop Ends Wet Mops over the traditional cut ends mops.

From Rubbermaid, this quick connect wet mop is not only economical but provides efficient attachment of head to handle, improving productivity and reducing hygiene risks.

Comparing the mop swaths, the Loop Ends Wet Mop saves money over cut end wet mop because they are launderable and do not leave lint behind. Loop Ends Wet Mops also provide a wider and more uniform cleaning path than cut ends.

Comparing the blend yarn made mop’s ability to absorb fluids, this Loop Ends Wet Mop proves to be 2.5 times more absorbent than cotton mops. For example, a 700g blended yarn mop will absorb 5.44 times its weights, compared to 1.89 times for a cotton mop of the same dry weight.

Blended yarn provides high cleaning performance, durability and absorbency. Cotton fibres provide high water absorption and retention. Rayon fibres afford maximum water pickup and require no break in period. Polyester gives increased strength and long product life.

Other unique features of the Loop Ends Wet Mop:

  • Light weight mop heads (and handles) help alleviate the physical demands of cleaning
  • Mop heads are launderable for multiple uses
  • Tailband provides a wider cleaning area, saving time and money
  • Colour code system prevents cross-contamination. Say green for kitchens, red for restrooms, white for hospital areas
  • Works with all Rubbermaid commercial products bucket wringer models
  • Quick-connect and ergonomic handle fit Rubbermaid's microfibre cleaning range

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