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Powered Cagemate Battery powered trolley now available from Spacecpac

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article image Powered Cagemate battery powered trolley from Spacepac

The Powered Cagemate is a heavy duty battery-powered trolley with lift off cage sides, that is designed for transporting heavy loads in a goods moving environment. This means less physical strain on workers, fewer hands needed to move the same amount and more time to complete a job.

The added protection of the cage lets expensive equipment to be moved without worrying about items falling out. Individual sides of the cage can be lifted off creating a one, two, or three sided trolley so carrying lengthy items is possible and loading/unloading heavy equipment can be done without reaching and lifting over the sides. Outdoors, it can be used around loading docks, when transporting goods between buildings, and other industrial applications. Indoors, with its non-marking wheels, it is suitable for use at hospitals, nursing homes, offices, warehouses, or store environments.

The Powered trolley has a number of safety features:

  • Dead man switch – a button, when activated, automatically reverses the direction of the trolley for a few seconds preventing an operator being wedged between an object.
  •  Manual or powered engagement. 
  •  Quiet and smooth operation with zero emissions.
The specifications of the Powered Cagemate battery powered trolley are as follows:
  • Dimensions: Deck size: 110cm x 63cm
  • Cage depth: 60cm
  • Handle Height: 110cm
  • 12 month warranty
The powered trolley is now available from Spacepac .

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