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SPACEPAC Industries supplies a wide range of inter sprayers for commercial or residential use. These sprayers are ideal for outdoor applications in gardens, vegetable patches or crops where one hand must be kept free, or on difficult terrain where loads cannot be carried on the back.

The useful capacity of these sprayers is approximately two thirds of their total capacity - the remainder must be empty for air compression. These compression sprayers are designed for quality, safety and comfort. They are often used by agricultural research councils because of the accuracy of application.

Quality & Safety

These compression sprayers are made from high quality & durable material.


It is designed to satisfy the needs of hobbyist, gardener, and most demanding professional.


All models are easy to operate, easy to clean yet efficient and effective.


The compression sprayers are compatible with a wide range of accessories to suit any spray requirements.


The sprayers are padded with straps for comfort.


All sprayers have a full factory 3-year guarantee

Intereko 1.5 has a useful capacity of 1L. This sprayer has an excellent performance. Special features include a wide filling mouth and Viton pressure chamber closing valve.

Intereko 7 has a useful capacity of 5L. This sprayer is economically designed, light and compact. It is easy to clean and use. This model is also equipped with transparent hose and the Viton pressure chamber closing valve.

Inter 9 has a larger useful capacity of 6L. This sprayer has a practical extendable lance, a safety pressure relief valve and the Viton pressure chamber closing valve.

Spacepac Industries is a well established company since 1982. It is a reliable market leader in the wide range of products offered. The team at Spacepac have impressive in-depth product knowledge to provide you with what you need. You can always trust Spacepac to deliver an effective & efficient solution at all time.

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