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New breakfast tray trolley introduced by Spacepac Industries

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article image New breakfast tray trolley introduced by Spacepac Industries

The new breakfast tray trolley has been introduced by Spacepac Industries . The breakfast tray trolley is a simple and practical trolley that can hold footrays, dishes, cutlery and waste bins simultaneously. Such a food tray trolley is ideal for hotels, cafeterias, school canteens, nursing homes, etc.

Features of the Breakfast Tray Trolleys:

  •  A standard breakfast tray trolley has a capacity for 10 trays.
  •  Aluminium tray slides are adjustable in height for different heights of dishes. 
  • Removable cutlery and waste bins that clip onto the side bars of the food trolleys.

  • Stainless steel finish to ensure easy cleaning and prevent rusting.
  • Wheel brakes ensure it is stationary during loading and unloading.
  • Smooth maneuvering and small turning radius are beneficial for confined areas.

Benefits of the Food Trolleys:

There are several other multi-tier food trolleys made from stainless steel or sturdy polypropylene. These strong and sturdy 2 or 3 tier trolleys are great helper both inside and outside of the kitchen. The trolleys can be used to transport prepared food to the serving area and also to transport and collect used dishes back to the kitchen. Some of these trolleys have adjustable shelf levels while all of them have removable cutlery and refuse bins for clipping onto the side bars of the trolleys.
Also available from SPACEPAC are food trolley food warmers that can keep food fresh and warm from kitchen to point of service. With a turbo heat generator, this multipurpose food trolley automatically reheats food without drying or burning it, once temperature drops below the desired temperature. The amazing trolleys can also be used to solve pre-plated meal distribution challenges, using proven technologies to keep food hot – from the first meal to the last.

Specifications of the Mega Bin:

  • Standard capacity: 10 trays.
  • Height: 1055mm 
  • Length: 1465mm (including two side bins)
  • Width: 600mm
  •  Food trays dimensions: 370x480mm or 410x580mm or 450x605mm.

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