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New bin lifter from Spacepac Industries

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Spacepac Industries is supplying several models of bin lifters for ease of tipping the bins. With a bin lifter, there is no risk of injury or have trouble unloading the garbage bins.

Bin-lifter - hydraulic hand pump 100kg capacity.

This hand pump version is to be used in mines or other flame hazardous areas or where there is no electric power available.

It only takes about 20 double action pumps to tip all the rubbish into the dumper. With a standard setup for 240L bins, the hydraulic hand pump bin lifter is suitable for dump bins of 1500mm or 1800mm high.

Bin-lifter - electro hydraulic 150kg capacity.

Both the 12v or 240v models operate on the push of a button with simplicity and ease.

The standard electro hydraulic bin lifter fits 240L and 140L wheelie bins, and with a built in adjustment, it is able to take 120L and 80L wheelie-bins. The standard electro hydraulic bin lifter will tip into dumper bins with a side height from 1000mm to 1800mm.

The 12v bin lifter is fitted with a recharger. Simply plug into single phase 240v to recharge battery. Per charge gives approximately 100 lifts. Can be used for building sites, schools or institutions where mains power should not be used by operators.

The 240v mains version is designed for demanding applications of many lifts per hour, where mains electricity can be supplied. This lifter is recommended for up to 20 lifts per hour fully loaded.

According to Spacepac, while these units are rated for 150kg, it is unsafe for one person to move a wheelie bin with 150kg in it.

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