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Maxi system of louvered panels, bins and accessories from Spacepac Industries

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To be able to locate small items easily, right storage containers are necessary. Spacepac Industries have different sizes and coloured bins for systematic way of storing small items.

Maxi is a system of louvered panels, bins and accessories for handling and storing a wide variety of small parts and components.

The various bin sizes allow components to be stored in convenient quantities and to be visible and available for selection.

Also available from Spacepac Industries are accessories including hooks, peg board hanger, shelf trays and trolleys.

The Maxi system is versatile and can be free standing, mobile, wall or bench mounted to suit different work environments.

Maxi Bins hang or stack

The maxi hanging and stackable bins are open fronted containers. The strength of the Maxi Bin comes from the robust design using quality polypropylene materials which resists discolouration from oil and grease.

The Maxi Bins are commonly hung on louvered panels but their interlocking design enables them to be stacked securely without the bin splaying under load. This makes them suitable for incorporating within the shelving system or on a bench top.

The Maxi Bins are available in 5 colours (red, blue, yellow, green and almond) and 7 sizes as follows:

  • P5 Maxi Bin: 100W x 120D x 60H mm / 2kg load
  • P10 Maxi Bin: 100W x 178D x 85H mm / 5kg load
  • P20 Maxi Bin: 135W x 225D x 125H mm / 9kg load
  • P30 Maxi Bin: 205W x 280D x 165H mm / 14kg load
  • P40 Maxi Bin: 410W x 280D x 165H mm / 18kg load
  • P60 Maxi Bin: 410W x 457D x 216H mm / 27kg load

The various sizes ensure there is a bin to suit different requirements and different colours ensure easy identification of stock locations and in-turn retrieval. Coloured bins also provide the opportunity for colour coding by product group.

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