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Huskey electric towing vehicles from Spacepac Industries

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Taylor Dunn Huskey electric towing vehicles, available from Spacepac Industries , are manufactured to overcome rugged surfaces and narrow lanes with its tight turning radius, while maintaining a 6,800kg (15,000lb) towing capacity. 

Huskey electric towing vehicles are able to deliver a smooth and graceful ride due to its powerful batteries and pneumatic tyres. The electric nature of the towing vehicle means it can be used indoors alongside other vehicles without expulsion of exhaust fumes.  

Huskey electric vehicles feature a 48V GT drive system, allowing the electric vehicles to carry heavy loads of multiple luggage types, making them ideal for airports. The towing vehicles offer reliable service in a variety of environments and can be used 24 hours a day in industrial warehouses, distribution centers and car parking lots.
Huskey electric towing vehicles have a towing speed of 14.5km/hr (9 mph).

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