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Gas cylinder lift cradle from Spacepac Industries

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To improve the ease of transporting Industrial gas and LPG cylinders, Spacepac Industries  has introduced several models of lift cradles.

Specially designed for transporting or lifting long and slim cylinders, these lift cradles have a lifting capacity of up to 150kg.

Shown on the left is a manual lift cradle that can be installed in all L-series lift trolleys. Secured on a 500x400mm flat top table, gas cylinder can be elevated by means of a manual safety hi tensile steel winch. The lifter can bring its load to as high as 1200mm.

Strengthened with a polyurethane finish, the lift cradle has been built to simplify the job of loading gas cylinders onto your utes or to a higher storage ground.

Each cradle is equipped with four 100mm castors to negotiate narrow corners without any difficulty.

The lifting hand truck shown on the right is also able to carry up to 150kg on its legs when static. Similarly, the manual safety hi tensile steel winch makes lifting effortless.

Requiring no levers or latches, the lifting hand truck allows load to be held automatically at any position. Lift height can be 900mm or 1200mm depending on the model.

Two 250mm pneumatic wheels will bring the lift cradle together with the gas cylinder further and faster.

Spacepac Industries suggest the use of such lift cradles to prevent any unnecessary back injury while lifting the heavy cylinders. Other normal lifters or hand trucks may not be ideal as they do not secure gas cylinders in place, leading to the risk of dropping or damaging the loads.

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