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Four wheeled mega bins from Spacepac Industries

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The four wheeled Mega Bin, from Spacepac Industries , is a gigantic waste or recycling bin. These bins have a capacity of 1100L. Special to this Mega Bin is the ability to be towed in a train of 5 bins at a time because of its unique and universal towing device. Made from heavy duty polyester and designed for harsh environments, the Mega Bin will provide a life time of waste disposal.  

Spacepac’s Mega Bin is specifically designed for continued use in any weather. Because of this, the Mega Bin can be seen at many locations.   

Typical users of the Mega Bins: 

  • Manufacturers and warehouses 
  • Building sites 
  • Universities and councils 
  • Shopping Centers and other large businesses 

The Mega Bin’s towing device allows the owner to effortlessly tow the bin up a steep or long driveway. The strengthened base and wheels means less hassle and complications when moving to another location.  

Benefits of the Mega Bin: 

  • Capable of being towed 
  • Strong, long-life outdoors design 
  • Reinforced base and wheel housing 
  • Smooth and easy to clean surface  

Specifications of the Mega Bin: 

  • Capacity: 660L or 1100L models 
  • Made in heavy duty polyester or steel

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