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From September 06, Spacepac Industries is bringing to consumers a new intermediate bulk container, the Ecobulk SX/ MX/ LX.

The Intermediate Bulk Container, Ecobulk is the ideal replacement for the traditional 200L Drums. Besides offering a great possible volume in the minimum space, the Ecobulk storage container reduces filling, sealing and labelling time. The compact container system provides the solution for the transport and storage of food grade or dangerous goods.

The Ecobulk is really a space saving innovation. 4 drums of 200L each utilises more space than a 1000L Ecobulk. This is a minimum of 35% better space utilisation.

The Ecobulk utilises a module system, where individual parts can be simply exchanged. The top of the MX style is attached by screw-bolts, allowing rapid removal of the inner bottle for refurbishment.

According to Spacepac, the Ecobulk meets international transport standards and regulations as well as providing a fill in ISO-containers. The low tare weight is a further financial benefit during transport.

Inner Container is made from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene. The Inner Container is extrusion blow moulded and specially shaped to ensure complete discharge of contents. On top of that, the inner container has extra UV stabilisers to withstand Australia conditions. 

Outer Container is a rigid, welded galvanised tubular steel grid with a large permanently fixed identification plate and ticket pouch.

Moulded bottom shell is pressed galvanised steel base shaped to support the inner container and assist total drainage.

It is east to handle and can be stacked up to 4 levels safely. It is easy to load or unload with the assistance of a fork-lift or pallet truck. The steel, timber or plastic pallet, designed for convenient lifting, allows for 4 way entry.

Discharge Valves has double protection with outlet sealed by aluminium lined PE-foil, closed by O-ring, PE-disk and screw cap.

Complete discharge through an integrated butterfly valve (DN50) with lever handle. This replaceable valve is fitted with rear aluminium retaining. Complete discharge eliminates product wastage, while discharging and draining of containers.

The specially designed discharge valves ensure safe and precise control, when discharging substances of various viscosities. The different types of seal materials extend the range of applications and offer resistance to nearly all chemical products.

On request, the inner PE-container can be treated with a double SMP fluorination barrier, which reduced the permeation of most non-polar organic solvents.

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