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Drum Stacker from Spacepac Industries

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Drum Stacker, from Spacepac Industries , reduces the hassle and risk of managing oily and greasy drums.

The drum trolley provides an economical solution for easy mobilisation of oil storing drums to where it is needed.

Using the Drum Stacker can greatly reduce the risk of spillage while increasing efficiency. This is of great importance especially in work areas where special fluids are transported.

The Drum Stacker from Spacepac Industries is an economical method for transporting loads up to 400kg and lifting to a height of 1350mm.

The Drum Stacker is able to easily lift, transport and tilt 200L drums. Apart from a 1350mm lifting height, it is versatile to carry drum to rack lower than 1350mm. The Drum Stacker can be easily raised with pedal when unloaded.

Built on a compact and reliable mechanism, the Drum Stacker’s ability to tilt drum 120 degree for emptying is good. The Drum Stacker can lock a drum in the vertical position to avoid spills or the horizontal position for draining through a tap.

The versatile the Drum Stacker #DA40B has a lifting capacity of up to 400 kg for 210L drums. Each drum can be lifted 1350mm from ground and lifting per stroke is 13mm.

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