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Dome mirrors available from Spacepac Industries

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Besides the Safe-T-View indoor and outdoor convex mirrors, Spacepac Industries is offering the dome-shaped mirrors.

Dome Mirrors are highly versatile, lightweight alternative mirrors for indoor applications, where general surveillance of a specific area is required, or when central observation is preferred.

Domes Mirrors provide a broader coverage than standard mirrors and are suited for applications at corners, four-way intersections or t-intersections.

Full Dome Mirror:

Full domes may be suspended on chains or fastened to ceiling. Full domes provide enhanced vision of all direction objects via a 360 degree view.

Half and Corner Dome Mirror:

Half domes provide a 180 degree and Corner domes a 90 degree view.

At blind corners and corridors intersections, in shopping centres, hospitals, schools, factories and offices, wherever busy people come and go there is a risk to collision and injury or theft. Dome mirrors help prevent accidents and unnecessary lost. Dome mirrors let you see around corners and over obstacles.

Valuable goods shielded from view by partitions and shelving becomes an easy target. Dome mirrors help to stop thief and prevent vandalism. Dome mirrors presence alone is a powerful deterrent.

A robust, lightweight mirror with acrylic face, dome mirrors can be mounted on walls or ceiling directly, providing 5-10m range of vision.

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