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Concrete and plastic wheel stops

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In compliance with Australian standards which require that car wheel stops be provided wherever it is necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle manoeuvring into a parking space, Spacepac Industries is offering 2 kinds of wheel stops – the concrete wheel stop and plastic wheel stop.
Wheel stops may be used to control kerb overhang where this would inconvenience or be hazardous to pedestrians or to prevent contact with buildings or end barriers. Other times, wheel stops are useful to restrain encroachment into an opposing space in the adjacent parking module. Wheel stops are suitable in all parking areas to avoid damage to vehicles or property caused by vehicles over-shooting parking bays. 
Plastic Wheel Stop
These are tough wheel stops manufactured from recycled plastic. They will not chip or rust and the plastic wheel stops come complete with fixings. The solid moulded construction has mounting holes moulded in. The recycled plastic wheel stop can be fixed to concrete or asphalt. Besides being economical and simple to install, it can be easily removed or repositioned at any time.
From Spacepac, the plastic wheel stops are available in grey colour (#PWS1650) to match concrete ground or yellow colour (#PWS1650Y) to alert drivers.
These wheel stops comply with the new Australian Standard AS2890.1.2004 and are custom made to 1650mm long. These plastic wheel stops are designed to catch the front wheel while still allowing free pedestrian access between the parking bays. The low height of 100mm ensures that vehicles with low clearance will not be damaged as they can be with taller ones.
Besides the wheel stops, Spacepac is a one stop place for a complete range of traffic control system from car-stops, speed humps, parking barriers, pedestrian barriers, signage, symbols to line marking.

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