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Combination tank and trough for livestock water supply

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The Combination Tank and Trough introduced by Spacepac Industries is a sensible investment for livestock water supply.
The combination tank and trough are strategically designed for placement of fresh water. Special considerations were also taken into account, in order to reduce the risk of evaporation or stock drowning. These tanks and troughs have been found and tested in the harsh climates of Western Australia for over 20 years.

The combination Tank and Trough can be a reservoir of fresh water for all types of livestock from cattles to sheeps. This tank & trough combination will allow livestock to have a clean and cool reservoir of fresh water at all time.

The 5,500 Litre tank is mounted in a drinking trough. The tank is 2,200 mm in height, while the trough is 2,500mm dia x 250mm depth x 280mm height. The tank and trough unit has a drinking width of 260mm.

The whole system is connected and maintained with a high quality plumbing and float system. This feature ensures that the water levels are maintained in the tank and trough all the time. Via a 50mm brass inlet, the quality plumbing has a maximum flow rate of approximately 212L/min, hence providing a fast-acting float in trough.

Besides having a removable manhole, the tank and trough are manufactured for easy cleaning via the sweep-out ramp and 50mm brass drainage bung. The user can conveniently sweep out debris or drain the trough in no extra effort.

The optional level indicator (which is installed at the top of the tank) permits the user to monitor the water level from a distance. As such, the user can replenish the water so that the livestock will always have a stable supply of water to feed on.

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