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Carbis ladders from Spacepac Industries

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These safety ladders, available from Spacepac Industries  drive productivity as they protect workers who load and unload bulk materials from trucks, trains, ships, and barges, as well as anyone moving to or from, or on or about, elevated structures, vehicles and equipment.  

Extra heavy-duty shelf safety ladders offer the following features:

  • 1-1/2" wide angle aluminium feet with rubber treads.
  • 4" deep slip-resistant ribbed steps.
  • Tool holes in top cap for added convenience.
  • All part replaceable; ladders can be repaired at your facility.
  • Each step braced front and back - 4 gussets and 16 rivets per step.
  • Tapered for increased stability.
  • Special padded top for use against tank side optional.
  • Type 1A, 300lb. duty rating.

Security access safety ladders:

  •  Locking device secures the ladder from unauthorised use.
  • Opens to 12-1/2" wide when in use, and stores to only 2-1/2" wide in the closed, locked position.
  • All aluminium construction facilitate used either indoors or out without worry of corrosion.
  • Available with top (TP) or bottom (BP) locking device.

Tank inspection safety ladders:

  • Designed for internal tank inspection and cleaning.
  • Aluminium construction with replaceable 1-1/4" serrated runds.
  • 12" wide (13-5/8" over shoes) to facilitate entry into tank cars through narrow access hatches.
  • Swivel safety shoes standard.
  • Type 1A, 300 lb duty rating.

Folding inspection ladders:

  • Designed for use in closed-in areas with extremely narrow access route; i.e., inside storage tanks, manholes, water treatment plants etc.
  • Folds to 5-1/4" for easy manoeuvrability. 
  • Aluminium marine grade alloy construction.
  • Safety shoes standard.
  • Type 1A, 300 lb duty rating.

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