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SPACEPAC Industries Pty Ltd is a well established company since 1982 and a market leader in a full range of traffic control barriers, road safety barriers, pedestrian zone barriers, parking barriers, crowd control barriers, guards, mobile barriers and safety cones to make worksites safer.

Mobile barriers and mobile fences are useful in sectioning off dangerous areas quickly and easily. The products can be for indoor or outdoor use. Highly flexible, the barriers can be set straight, curved or in a circle. The mobile barrier is 4m long with articulating panels, and has two 10cm non-marking wheels, and four locking straps to secure the barrier in a closed position.

The pedestrian zone barrier is a lightweight portable plastic barrier, made from recyclable linear low-density polyethylene. An ultraviolet light inhibitor is introduced into the raw material mix so as to provide sufficient protection to insure a reasonable life of the product in external weather conditions. The weight of the barrier is nominally 42 kg. The barrier accepts nominally 330 litres of liquid or solid ballast while retaining its shape and structural integrity.

This lightweight, portable barrier system replaces the fixed and permanent barriers so as to control, direct, channel and stop pedestrian traffic for purposes of containment and or safety.

The barrier is made using the rotational moulding method. The barrier is 1200mm in height with a base width of 700 mm. The unnested length is 2100mm with a 130 mm protrusion on one end to form the male connection. The end walls of each barrier are so designed that when connected to another barrier, the connected barriers can form a straight line, or alternatively, can form a curve, left or right, of up to an angle of 45º.

Another range of products available from Spacepac Industries is the portable heavy duty safety systems, consisting of portable signage system, portable arrow system, and portable bollard system.

Manufactured from extremely sturdy polyethylene for heavy duty applications, each safety stand has a water or sand fillable bollard base - 20 litre capacity. The products can be dismantled to change attachments and for compact storage

The audio guard warning mechanism is an audio safety sign that enables the user to warn pedestrians with a 12 seconds message or play one of the six pre-programmed messages. Motion triggers audio warning and flashing lights.

It can be used as multi-lingual messaging station. This audio safety sign senses motion up to 63.5cm, 360º and is ideal for entrance ways and high traffic areas.

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