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Access Platforms from Spacepac

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Spacepac’s Access Platforms can be tailored to suit your needs and will reduce or remove the risk of falls in the workplace. These Access Platforms are design to reduce the risk of fall when accessing the top of trucks, checking for maintenance and repairs, and loading or unloading vehicles.

Uses of the Access Platorms:

  •  Access the top of vehicles
  •  Sampling
  •  Loading/unloading
  •  Inspection
  •  Venting
  •  Connecting hoses
  •  Hatch loading

Usability features:

  •  Elevating platform provides fast, easy working height adjustment
  •  Self-leveling gangway provides safe access at any height
  •  Flip-up floor panels for full access to vehicles, virtually eliminating spotting problems

Customizable features:

  •  4’ x 6’ platform provides a large work surface. Can be customized to meet your needs
  •  Can be outfitted with a large variety of gangways and safety cages to fit your needs
  •  Can be retrofitted to existing platforms
  •  Can be manufactured for any size loading area from 6’ to over 50’
  •  Can be set up to access a single or double-sided station Models available
  •  Available in three heights for rail car or tank truck access
  •  Available in aluminum or steel (galvanized, primed, mill, or painted)
  •  Similar models available in all fiberglass and stainless steel

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