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5070 and 5070-HDC balers from Spacepac

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As easy to maintain as it is to operate, the 5070 and 5070-HDC balers from Spacepac Industries reduce the hassle of sorting and baling paper packaging, cardboard, plastics, empty sacks, aluminium cans, etc.

The 5070 series baler takes care of both dry and semi-wet waste (Combi) by linking several chambers. The system can be extended as and when required.

With the range of exclusive multi-chambers balers and compactors, waste management can be efficiently done at the source location. Specifically the 5070 baler from Spacepac keeps the premises tidy, while saving money on waste collection. 5070 compactor is a small machine that helps in segregating  waste.

Spacepac Industries commented that the top loading baler has a proven track record within the Australian manufacturing industry, since 1992 and meets with all relevant OH&S regulations.

5070 baler has a compact design and takes up little space. Hence the product offers flexibility in installation and easy to position. Bale size can be adjusted to suit the material and your needs. Finished bales are easy to handle with the accompanying bale trolley.

With a pressing force of 3 ton, the 5070 Baler is able to compact bales up to 80kg of plastics or 50kg of cardboard. The top loading aperture is 700W x 500D mm, giving sufficient room for easy dumping. Each cycle time is 36 sec to generate waste material into high density bales of size 700W x 800D x 700H mm.

Understanding the increasing demand for compacting, Spacepac Industries is offering another top loading, multi-chamber system for sorting and baling – 5070-HDC.

5070-HDC baler is a larger volume reduction solution in waste management. 5070-HDC baler is capable of generating volume reduction up to 10:1. Besides the high reduction ability, a special feature that distinguish this compactor from the rest is its unique multiple strapping ability to suit different material and handling requirements.

Comparing with the predecessor 5070 baler, the 5070-HDC waste management machine has a stronger pressing force of 10 ton, to produce heavier load of 100kg of plastics or 80kg of cardboard. The top loading aperture is similar in size (700W x 500D mm). With a faster cycle time of 20 sec, the 5070-HDC baler produces 700W x 500D x 960H mm load for easy removal by using a special trolley supplied with the machine.

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