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Water sealing systems from Sovereign Hydroseal

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Sovereign Hydroseal specializes in water sealing systems with a high flow rate / volume and leaks with a rate of 9900 Lt per minute at 180 P.S.I, have been successfully sealed in underground mines.

The case of the modernization of the Pasminco Mines required the construction of a new 6.0 metre diameter upcast ventilation shaft. After assessing the hydro geological data of the area, it was determined that inflows of 700 litres per minute could be expected, overloading the mine pumping system and reducing the efficiency of the ventilation fans. The resulting spray of water around the shaft area would also have an adverse effect on the environment and nearby overhead power lines. Sovereign’s water sealing systems were brought to successfully seal the mine.

When the 1.8 metre diameter pilot hole was completed, a water make of 300 litres per minute was measured. During reaming of the pilot hole to 6.5m diameter the combined flow from various areas in the shaft was measured at 850 litres per minute. A decision was made to embark on a programme on in-shaft grouting using the patented Sovereign grout systems.

This flow was reduced to 15 litres per minute by drilling holes into the aquifers from the sinking stage, followed by the injection of Scem66. Holes were also drilled through the concrete lining to seal residual leaks behind the lining.

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