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Sovereign Hydroseal uses highly advanced chemical grouting

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Sovereign Hydroseal  uses a specific product called NOH20 with a special application method known as grouting. Water ingress and methane treatment has always been a major challenge for grouting specialists and mining engineers. Traditional grouting methods have been used in sealing the water inflows for past years. Chemical grouting method used by Sovereign Hydroseal is ideal to be used in sealing the water inflows.

These chemical grouting methods are used ideally in water ingress situations. Sovereign Hydroseal’s chemical grouting methods have been tested in deep level mines where large water volumes and extremely high pressures are the story of everyday. These chemical grouting methods from Sovereign Hydroseal are highly efficient to be applied in sealing the large water inflows.

The NOH20 product and chemical grouting methods used by Sovereign Hydroseal are ideal to solve various kinds of technical and environmental problems that are normally associated with water ingress.

The NOH20 product from Sovereign Hydroseal has been successfully used in many situations and different environments such as water ingress in deep mines, methane gas sealing, tbm tunnels, underground dam sealing, shaft lining sealing and water ingress in open cut and shallow mines.

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