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Superior car hoists from Southwell Lifts & Hoists

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article image Southwell car hoist within a glass enclosure at Adelaide BMW showroom

Southwell Lifts & Hoists  offers a wide range of car hoists and lifts to meet the growing demand in Australasia.  

Car hoists from Southwell are ideal for locations where space is at a premium. It is more economical and practical to install car lifts on sites that are too small for conventional car parks or where concrete car ramps are not viable.  

Southwell Lifts & Hoists recently installed a non ride-on car hoist at the Adelaide BMW showroom. The car hoist is installed inside a beautifully finished glass enclosure, bringing an appealing aesthetic style to the car dealership showroom, while displaying car movements from level to level.  

Southwell Lifts & Hoists has been manufacturing residential and commercial lifts for over 65 years, and their car hoists range meets Australian Standard compliance requirements.

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