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Bobcats offered by Alljap Machinery

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Alljap Machinery  offers a wide range of bobcats. Bobcats offered by Alljap Machinery include BOBCAT 5600T, BOBCAT S150, BOBCAT S150G, BOBCAT S160PB, BOBCAT S185, BOBCAT S185G and several others.

BOBCAT 5600T is a 2007 model with an estimated running time of seven hundred hours. BOBCAT 5600T includes new Digga four in one bucket and a factory air conditioned cabin. BOBCAT 5600T is one of the most up-to-date models that is fitted with factory turbo. BOBCAT 5600T is available in a good condition and is suitable for a buyer who was looking for a machine that not so old.

BOBCAT S150 offered by Alljap Machinery includes a new Digga four in one bucket of .33m3, an open cabin and 46 HP. BOBCAT S150 has been driven only for about four hundred and eighty eight hours and several more units are also available with Alljap Machinery such as skid steer loaders, track loaders, ASV Posi-Tracks and Bobcats.

BOBCAT S160PB has power of 56 HP and includes new four in one bucket, a factory air-conditioned cabin, Power Bob-tach, better visibility and suspension seat. BOBCAT S160PB has a running time for four hundred hours.

BOBCAT S185G has running time of three hundred forty hours. BOBCAT S185G has been completely checked in workshop and it is also serviced.

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