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Compressed air audits available from Southern Cross Compressors

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It is estimated that around ten percent of the world’s energy is used to generate compressed air and with energy costs rising at an alarming rate. Even the smallest of improvements in efficiency can result in significant reduction is power costs.

Southern Cross Compressors Australia Pty Ltd believes that when considering the use of compressed air systems very few companies appear to fully understand the long term costs related to compressed air. Many companies consider the principle cost of the compressor without taking into account the cost of servicing and energy waste.

Southern Cross Compressors estimate that up to 50% of energy used in producing compressed air is wasted, therefore a full air audit prior to capital investment at a plant can be beneficial.

Compressors today are cheaper, lighter and more energy efficient than compressors of the past, however, they are designed to provide value for money over a shorter period of operational life.

An air audit by Southern Cross Compressors will look at areas that include:

  • Air demand on each shift
  • Load profile Operating environment
  • Air quality and the pressure required
  • Installation and servicing requirements
  • Air service lines or reticulation system
  • Life expectancy
  • Reliability
  • Future plans;and
  • Safety issues.

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