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Wine tank accessories from Southcoast Fabrications

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Southcoast Fabrications  is said to be a prominent provider that supplies a unique range of accessories that are fitted to the wine tanks. These wine tank accessories are manufactured by the Southcoast Fabrications’ sister company which is known as Austenitic Steel Products. Austenitic Steel Products is also one of the renowned manufacturers who supply a wide range of accessories for stainless steel industry.

Metre clamp seal lid is an efficient accessory from Southcoast Fabrications that can be used to seal the large or plunging tanks. Southcoast Fabrications also manufactures unique rectangular doors. These doors have an integral screen which is fitted properly and can also be removed for cleaning purposes.

A rectangular door from Southcoast Fabrications is widely used for many applications and can be installed conveniently.

Southcoast Fabrications also manufactures expansion chambers. These are clamp seal expansion chambers. An expansion chamber from Southcoast Fabrications has a standard diameter of four hundred and fifty millimetres and can be obtained in multi directional configurations. This enables wine maker select the suitable opening direction on site that suits the entire area to which the wine tank is installed.

Oval doors are also manufactured by Southcoast Fabrications for the benefit of the customers. Southcoast Fabrications is also known for manufacturing different types of spittoons.

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