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Easy mounting of SMD components

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SOUNDLABS Group has the latest solution for easy mounting of surface mount components -- the BrownDog range of electronic component adaptors designed to help with prototyping, design and development, servicing / repairing, upgrading and modifications.

Nowadays, semiconductor manufacturers introduce many new components that are only offered in surface mount packages; these are typically very small and difficult to incorporate into prototype circuits.

Moreover, manufacturers are rendering leaded devices obsolete at an ever-increasing rate, making continued support and maintenance of legacy systems a difficult proposition.

With BrownDog adaptors, users can easily bring SMD (surface mount device) connections out to standard 0.1" grid gold-plated pins to overcome these problems.

They can then be plugged into most standard prototyping boards including solderless breadboards, IC sockets and wire-wrap panels plus they are an easy fit into many existing circuit boards, which is especially crucial when servicing or repairing existing equipment.

Included in the range of adaptors are: single SO-8 to dual op-amp DIP; SO-8; SOT-23; MSOP-8 and wide / narrow SO surface mount ICs.

Most adapters are also available without pins for direct wiring.

BrownDog also produces through-hole adapters for 8-pin DIP to TO-99 and single DIP to dual op-amp DIP integrated circuits.

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