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CANBUS interfaces from Soundlabs Group

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The CBSI speed signal interface available from Soundlabs Group is designed as a low-cost compact solution for users requiring only a vehicle speed signal.  

Designed to output speed pulses from all compatible cars and trucks equipped with CANBUS, the CBSI speed signal interfaces are programmed with an advanced algorithm that can automatically identify the speed signal on over 40 vehicle makes and 300+ models. A single module covers all these cars and trucks with J1939 protocol.  

The CBMI multi output interface is a versatile multi-output unit that provides vehicle speed pulses, engine speed (RPM), illumination, ignition, reverse gear and handbrake signals from most CANBUS equipped vehicles.  

These interfaces can also detect ignition switch status on many vehicles to provide a switched feed of up to 2 Amps. The interface also automatically identifies the vehicle, with a single module covering all compatible vehicles.  

Many new cars, 4-wheel drives and trucks utilise CANBUS to transmit signals between devices in the vehicle. These signals are usually not accessible for installations of aftermarket devices, but the interfaces allow the user to tap into the CANBUS and access signals for various applications.  

Both interfaces feature built-in diagnostic LEDs to indicate CANBUS status and speed pulse output to aid the installation process.  

Signals are available for speed, RPM, lights, ignition, reverse gear and handbrake.    

Applications of the CANBUS interfaces include car radios, navigation, taxi meters, data logging, trip recorders, telematics and racing among others.

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