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Noise Reduction and Reverberation Control from Soundblock Solutions

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Insulation plays a critical role in noise reduction, reverberation control and thermal control in both domestic and commercial properties. The range from Soundblock Solutions has received a leading edge green product status from Eco Specify.org as it is made from 85% polyester fibre, sourced from recycled PET drink bottles and packaging, so it’s safe and easy to install.

Noise Reduction

Soundblock Solutions polyester acoustic insulation can accommodate new wall construction and retro fits, offering a range of thicknesses and densities. The Acoustisorb range offers both sound absorption combined with reverberation control. The 90mm thermal soundbatt is thermally rated R2 and provides sound transmission control in wall cavities. 

Reverberation Control

The Acoustisorb range can be used to create acoustic panels for restaurants, home theatres, open plan offices or homes, etc to cut down the reverberation that occurs from reflective noise bouncing off walls and ceiling. Depending on the application it can be used in its bare form or covered with fabric to suit the décor.

Thermal Soundblock

Solutions Tontine thermal range is an environmentally friendly option in reducing heating and cooling costs, making buildings energy efficient. They offer a range of thermal options varying from R1.5 – R4.

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