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Industrial noise management software offered by SoundScience

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SoundScience  specialises in providing different software for industrial noise management. BarnOwl industrial noise management solution is effective signal processing, reporting as well as management software developed by SoundScience. This is available in two hardware versions that include permanent unit and mobile unit.

The permanent unit of BarnOwl provided by SoundScience is a rack mounted unit with features including 24 bit acoustical hardware and 16/20 bit Harmonie-PCI system. The mobile unit is operable in low power conditions of about 12volts. These hardware versions enable BarnOwl software to function with four different features that include directional noise measurement features, flexible noise logging features, system management features and equipment hardware as well as software features.

BarnOwl offered by SoundScience provides various directional monitoring features that include automatic detection of real time noise, directional monitoring with the aid of low pass filter, trigger options, graphical display as well as reporting, accessible by SCADA system and can also be networked to several acoustical field units.

Flexible noise logging features of BarnOwl provided by SoundScience include option of recording the audio signal sample, level WAV analysis, monitoring of statistical noise levels at two different intervals as well as the capability to support direct real time listening using the network connection.

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