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Audiometric services and hearing assessments provided by Sound Hearing Australia

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Sound Hearing Australia  extends audiometric services. This includes evaluation of communication capability, recording of personal, employment and medical details, recording of audiometric data, examination of tympanic membrane and external ear, interpretation of results to clients, discussing the importance of right use of hearing protection tools, explaining the significance of general hearing conservation issues, assessment of state and suitability of hearing protection equipment currently used and more.

Additionally, Sound Hearing Australia conducts complete hearing assessments from its transportable 'Hearing Rescue Units'. Sound Hearing Australia also carries out regular scientific assessments for knowing hearing ability using Australian standards procedures and calibrated equipment. These are offered by qualified audiologists at Sound Hearing Australia. Furthermore, Sound Hearing Australia provides personally fitted and measured hearing protection in accordance with the individual needs.

SonoCustom is instant fitted custom calibrated hearing protection supplied by Sound Hearing Australia. It is manufactured from medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone and is comfortable, cost effective and reusable earpiece. Sound Hearing Australia provides SoundEar®, which is noise measuring device created in user-friendly design. This measurement is then recorded by SoundLog. PocketEAR offered by Sound Hearing Australia is noise indicator with a pair of quality earplugs. Sound Hearing Australia has also been awarded with "Best Solution of an OHS Specific Workplace Risk" in 2005 and 2006.

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