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Second Mac OS X worm spreads

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EXPERTS at SophosLabs have issued protection against a second worm for Mac OS X.

The worm, called OSX/Inqtana-A, spreads between Apple Macintosh computers via a Bluetooth vulnerability.

The new worm has appeared within days of the discovery of the first ever real virus for Mac OS X.

The Inqtana worm exploits a vulnerability (known as CAN-2005-1333) to spread itself to other vulnerable Mac OS X computers. However, Apple released a patch against the vulnerability in mid-2005, meaning the worm is highly unlikely to spread successfully.

Users of Mac OS X are advised to keep their software updated against the latest security vulnerabilities in Apple's code.

"It's disturbing to see a second worm for Mac OS X so soon after the first, but it should be remembered that this is only two compared to well over 100,000 viruses for Microsoft operating systems," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos.

"The good news is that Inqtana is not going to spread successfully in the wild, but this announcement will still be a shock to those in the Mac community who thought hackers were not interested in their operating system."

Sophos customers have been automatically protected against the worm since 18 February 2006.

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